Sunday, October 28, 2012

So uh yeah... ya know.

Hi everyone! We are SO sorry for the lack of posts and interaction this week, we've been crazy busy studying for midterms and completing the quarter's assignments. Our last tests are on Tuesday so after that we'll have loads of time to comment and visit. :) Oh! And Bill had an interview for a mechanical engineering internship this week, and the company called him back for a second one on Tuesday! Get this - this job will have set hours! That means no more going in to work at 10:30AM and not coming back until 10, 11 or sometimes 12:30! Yeesssssss. :D You can probably tell I'm happy about that lol (it's hard to walk the dog when he won't do his business without Bill with us.)

Anyways, asides from all that, I've been in a crappy reading slump. I made myself stick with a book because it was so short, but taking five days to read 218 pages just left me so unmotivated to pick anything else up afterwards. I have been participating in a read-a-thon though that's given me the kick in the ass I needed, so I have four reviews coming up in the next few days and Bill has a 2 or 3 scheduled for next week as well. So yes. We apologize for not updating you all sooner!

- Alysson :)


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