Sunday, October 7, 2012

Review Policy

Thought Casters would love to review a novel for you!

General Information

We are currently accepting fiction of all genres, but we are more selective with the adult fiction we read. For more information, please refer to the Genres section of this post.

We will graciously accept ARCs and finished copies, audiobooks, eBooks compatible with either a Nook or a Kindle, and self-published books.

If your novel is part of a series, please check our Review Index to make sure we are up to date with the series. If they are not listed on our index, we most likely haven’t read them and would appreciate it if you could provide the previous books.

If you have a certain date you’d like the review posted by, go ahead and mention it in your request. We’ll do our best to make that happen. But as full time college students, our schedules don’t always allow us much free time, so you might get an email from one of us saying the review will be up later. We hope you understand.

While we try to review every book we read, please understand this does not always happen. Note that we do not guarantee a review for every request we accept.  We’ll do our best to keep this at a minimum.

Also, we only respond to requests we will be accepting. We should get back to you within a week.

Who will review my book?

If you make a general request the novel will be reviewed by whichever of us it appeals to more. If you’d like one of us in particular to review it, make sure to include this in your request or contact us individually.
*Bill is more likely to accept adult titles than Alysson.
Genres We Review

On our blog you will mostly find reviews for young adult titles. While we prefer young adult and middle grade fiction, we are open to reviewing adult books – we’re just more selective with these titles. Before sending us a request, please make sure your novel falls within one of the following categories.

We accept the following genres for review (our preferred adult genres are noted with an asterisk):
  • Contemporary YA
  • Dystopia
  • Fantasy *
  • Fairytales & Retellings
  • Graphic Novels
  • Historical Fiction
  • Horror
  • Literary Fiction *
  • Mystery/Crime/Thriller *
  • Mythology
  • Paranormal (Romance) *
  • Science Fiction *
  • Urban Fantasy * 
Alysson’s favorite genres:
  • Dystopia
  • Fantasy (high and urban)
  • Mystery/Crime
  • Mythology
  • Paranormal
  • Psychological thrillers
Bill’s favorite genres:
  • Dystopia
  • Fantasy (high and urban)
  • Science Fiction

Our Reviews - What to Expect 

Our reviews reflect our honest opinions and will point out what we liked and disliked. We always try to be fair, even if we didn’t like something. Because we try to review every book we read, keep in mind that negative reviews do happen. In a negative review, we’ll include links to reviews from other bloggers but we will try to explain why that book didn’t work for us. We NEVER try to dissuade others from reading a novel.

We might mark a book as a DNF (did not finish). Even though we try to only accept books we think we’ll enjoy, it doesn’t always happen. Some books just don’t work with certain readers. In these cases, a review of what was read will be posted and we'll inform readers of where we stopped reading and why.

Reviews will include details on the book's
  • Cover image
  • Title & Author 
  • Series information
  • Publication date and company
  • Source
  • Genre
  • Purchase links (Amazon, Indiebound)
  • Synopsis borrowed from
  • Rating
Reviews will be posted on Thought Casters and Goodreads. We also try to post them on and, but we don’t always. If you would like us to post a review elsewhere, just let us know.

Other Forms of Promotional Posts 

Thought Casters would love to host any kind of promotional event you are interested in - an interview, guest post, cover reveal, giveaway... you name it! We think they're lots of fun and love getting to know authors, so please feel free to contact us about any kind of event you are interested in.

 Contact Us 

For general review requests and other promotional inquiries:
Requests for Alysson:
Requests for Bill:

Thank you for taking the time to read our review policy and get a feel for the types of books we enjoy. We look forward to working with you!

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